Off-Road Essentials

Our two-day Off-Road Essentials Class is something every off-road, adventure, racer, or dual-purpose rider, regardless of skill level, can take and sharpen their riding ability. Our drills and demonstrations are custom-tailored for learning on all types of bikes, but we target this class for riders intending to improve their current skill level. Each drill has an infinite level of difficulty, from mild to wild, and will help improve the rider’s skill level from the first demonstration. We are teaching the rider our skills work regardless of the bike you are riding. We do believe you will learn more on a smaller and lighter bike even if your intended goal is to become more proficient on the large adventure bike. All bikes and riders must be street legal to take this class.

One-on-One Training

Cispus Cycles offers one on one training for riders not interested in a full 2-day class. This can be a condensed version of our Offroad Essentials program or a full-custom day based on your requests and needs. A One-on-One Day is taught by Paul Neff and is a great way to hone skills and cater the day for your unique needs. This training still takes place in the beautiful Gifford Pichot National Forest. You will learn and practice techniques safely while taking in renowned views of the Pacific Northwest. This training is available for any rider and any street-legal bike.