Our Series One class is designed for ALL abilities but not for BEGINNERS. It progresses much to fast for riders who are not familiar with motorcycle riding already. Though the drills may be viewed as basic, they are anything but basic. Most advanced riders have difficulty doing our drills properly. They require practice and provide the foundation for allowing you to improve your own riding without having to take a so-called “advanced” class. Our Series One Class is more advanced than any other adventure or off-road school out there. We know it because most other instructors come to us to learn. If you want to come to an off-road riding school that is not a marketing operation or a cheer leading camp, come see us.


$800 for two days of instruction from Paul Neff and our coaches.

  • Rider instruction, drills and coaching
  • Help with bike set-up
  • Lunch and Dinner on Saturday
  • Trials Situation on Saturday and Sunday
  • Unlimited question asking and general bench racing good times!

One-Day class prices vary depending on location and from event to event.

Please contact us for rates for private instruction, event demonstration, group or agency instruction.

For places to stay while taking the class see info at Where To Stay.


The class includes instruction from Jimmy Lewis on all aspects of off-road riding

  • One on one instruction from Paul Neff and coaches
  • Our experienced staff will take the time to help you understand and execute drills properly
  • Fun and informative drills that are often imitated but never replicated
  • You will continue learning as you practice the drills we teach, even after the class
  • Our years of experience and high standards for safety make learning enjoyable
  • You will see immediate results and any question can be answered
  • Lunch and drinks to keep you hydrated throughout the day
  • Dinner with the group on Saturday night (two-day class)


This day is dedicated to the basics and learning what it takes to control the motorcycle to the max. The skills include balance, braking, acceleration, clutch and throttle control plus much more. Once you master these skills Paul will help you apply the skills to a practical situation.

We teach bike control without wasting muscle energy, in essence harvesting the bikes energy to perform what seemed impossible. Near noon we break for lunch. This is a great time to get to know the other classmates and trade bench racing stories, also a good time to pick Jimmy’s brain about riding technique. Believe us when we tell you that you will be in overload right now. Typically we head out for a few more drills, post lunch, then accompany you on a trail situations to apply your skills. Finishing off the day we retreat for dinner and good times with newly made riding buddies.

Schedule for Day 1

  • Registration
  • Introduction and group talk
  • Get on the bike and make adjustments to levers and brakes
  • Head out to riding area and start instruction
  • Lunch
  • Go back out to riding area for more instruction
  • Finished for the day and head back to the home base
  • Dinner


Typically we go on a trail ride to address specific concerns such as hill climbing, downhill riding, sand, rocks or just plain old dirt roads and trails of all varieties. It is a day to fine tune the skills that you have learned on Saturday and try them out in the real world with the opportunity to get specialized instructions from Paul and his staff of top skilled riders. We stop for a well deserved lunch and continue on to the pace of the students. Class time usually starts around 9:00 am unless otherwise arranged and finishes around dusk.

Day two is used as a practice day for the skills that you learned on the first day. We will take you out on trails or roads and give you the chance to practice the new learned skills. It is also a time to ask questions. Our goal is to help you get the most out of the class. We would like for you to take away the knowledge and skills that we provide and be able to use those in real world situations of riding. Day Two jump starts this opportunity.

Our classes cater to all ability levels and we can intermix skill levels and keep everyone learning and entertained due to the  expertise of our training staff. Our drills have few limits on how much you can learn and even “basic” bike control skills can be improved upon. Don’t believe us, come on out and try! Seasoned expert riders have commented that they never knew how much they were missing out on, novice riders are catapulted in ability level, the right way. We can also have a diverse group of bike types and everything flows just fine with our varied routes and trails, plus easy and hard ways for everyone.


Paul’s list of racing accomplishments shows he knows what he’s teaching.

Though the list of accomplishments is long, it is nothing compared to the simplistic and precise way he can break down riding technique to its essence. “We take out of control situations and put them in a controlled environment. My racing forced me to learn how to ride properly and I still practice the drills I teach today to keep my riding at a very high level.”

All this racing and riding experience allows us to quickly identify and correct problems before they get started as well as break bad old habits with proper riding technique. All of our instructors are very talented on a motorcycle and can easily explain the skills we teach.