Jake on the 500EXC

Jake Metteer

The 3rd off-road instructor of the Cispus Cycle team is Jake Metteer. Jake has been riding in the Pacific Northwest mountains with his family since he was 5 years old. Jake’s passion for the region and mountain riding is unmatched.

He can often be found traversing the Cascades riding with his chainsaw and trail work tools putting in the work it takes to keep our riding areas open. Don’t let Jake’s love for trail maintenance and clearing give you the impression that he can’t tackle any trail scenario. The experience Jake has in the mountains has taught him to find traction anywhere. He even took up trials riding for a few years to hone his off-road skills.

On the rare occasion Jake isn’t behind the bars of his motorcycle he’s behind the lens of his camera. Jake’s love for the mountains shows in his photography as well. His photos are just one more thing he brings to the table at Cispus Cycles. Jake’s path to instructing may seem a bit different than Paul’s or Maria’s, but while they were chasing trophies Jake was perfecting his riding deep in the Pacific Northwest Mountains.